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PRIMAL’s integrated Move To Earn feature leverages biometric data. We get access to data and stats no other product does. We train your own individual AI engine to learn from your workout performance - factoring in time, distance, kCal burnt, heart rate and, over time, we learn what is working for you.

PRIMAL AI is able to produce workout plans that suit your health and lifestyle choices.


PRIMAL AI learns from your workouts to recommend Inner Circles of our athletes that suit your training style, we also will be able to keep you up to date on your favourite sports.

It’s very important to note, that AI is a constant progression, it’s never complete - meaning it gets better over time, so the longer uses PRIMAL the more accurate the recommendations get as it spends more time learning about the individual.


By having access to key metrics such as heart rate and calories burned, we can determine the appropriate calories needed to help you achieve your goals. We work to a simple BMR (basal metabolic rate) test where we learn, based on your biometric data, what the optimum diet is for you and your activity level.

You can set your own diet preferences, and over-time by monitoring heartrate/kcals burnt over time, we can see how much ‘healthier’ you’re actually getting, and product diet recommendations accordingly.


Titanium FIGHTERs are AI-powered. They become better over time as the AI engine learns sports with you 📈

They start with a lower M2E yield than Golden Figther NFTs but the AI allows them to become more powerful as you train more.

If you hold both: Titanium AI NFT + Gold NFT, you get a 2X multiple on $ENRGY earnings. An unmatched advantage above all other users.